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About Black Men Read

We Believe Differently

We created Black Men Read in 2018 from a place of hope, belief, and with one goal in mind: to inspire Black males young and old to read more in an effort to improve literacy outcomes.

Because when people read more, great things start to happen. From economic growth to a reduction in poverty and crime, increased education, and so much more—ultimately, the world becomes a better place.

But right now, the Black male student population is primarily underserved, misunderstood, and ignored in the book world—resulting in low reading scores and engagement in reading in general. It’s time to change that.

By establishing a consistent support structure through advocacy and mentorship and working with schools and community organizations that share our passion, we aim to inspire a lifelong love of reading. Since bringing our vision to life in Henrico County, VA, we’ve engaged thousands of adults and young people each year, but our mission extends far beyond county lines.

We won’t stop until every Black male finds joy and success in the pages of a book. We welcome you to join us for the ride.

Building a Brighter Future

In less than three years, we built our causes from the ground up to match students’ interests in three large high schools in the Henrico County area. We built home libraries, facilitated and sponsored events at numerous middle and elementary schools, and designed strategic plans to encompass entire communities.

And we’re just getting started.

With the support of school administrators, librarians, and local communities, combined with our strategic plan and grant funding, we’re on track to expand our efforts and to take our key programs including, Lit At The Crib and Books and Bars, to cities across the nation over the next five years.

The journey we’re on will be an exciting and fulfilling challenge, but we’re more than ready. Want to join us?

Have ideas about how we can continue to inspire Black males to read? Let’s chat.