Book Review: “Swing” by Kwame Alexander

Swing“, by Kwame Alexander is the second of three books we will be reviewing as part of our #BooksandBars theme.  We’ve already reviewedOn The Come Up” by Angie Thomas.

“Swing”is a story about friendship and love told from the perspective of Noah, a high school junior, and focuses on his best friend Walt, aka Swing, and Noah’s crush/friend, Sam.  Noah has had a crush on Sam since the third grade and has been unable to find the right words to say to her until he finds them hidden at the bottom of a purse.  In this purse are love stories that might finally help Noah express himself to Sam.

I thoroughly enjoyed 95% of this book. It’s a beautifully told story of friendship and love and high school.  Kwame Alexander is masterful in bringing his words to life, making it very easy to visualize and relate to his work.

Like this month. MY BIG BRO IS COMING HOME! WOOHOO! Perfect timing. Maybe he can teach us how to finally catch cool. It’s exhausting chasing it.

Sample line from Swing.

Woven through the artistry is a mystery that stays just beneath the surface as to not distract from the story of Noah, Swing, and Sam.  As the book builds to its apex, the mystery comes roaring to the forefront like a freight train out of nowhere and this beautifully told story takes a turn into something else. I won’t give away the ending, but it’s a doozy!

I’ve reflected on this book for two weeks in order to remove my emotion from this review, and I still am unable to.  This book brought me back to high school; the authenticity, the friendships, relationships and more.  Kwame Alexander makes you feel for these characters, it’s one of the reasons we are such big fans of his work.  I’m not sure if this title is a home run, but he isn’t afraid to take his Swing.

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