Book Review: Sugar by Bernice L. McFadden

I have long been a follower of author and professor, Bernice L. McFadden on social media. Personally I think she is overall an interesting and entertaining follow (Instagram: Bernice L. McFadden). However, I shamefully admit I have not read any of her works until I picked up this book, Sugar. After reading this novel, I will do every thing possible until my last breath to right this tragedy.

Sugar is the story of a woman of ill repute who moves into a conservative Southern town of high morals, at least on the surface. The sequence of interactions, events and relationships built along the way reveal the complexity of the newcomer and the problematic character flaws of the judgmental town dwellers.

McFadden’s Sugar is a delightful, paradigm convicting, insightful look into the intersection of behaviors, traditions and community. I applaud McFadden’s writing talent as Sugar is a masterclass in setting and story artistry. The way she described colors, movements and expressions violently draws the reader into emotional and vivid prose.

Joe stepped into his home just as the long hand on his watch skipped past the two, dawdled a while and then landed squarely on the short hand, which comfortably kissed the three.

Sample line from Sugar.

Reading Sugar is not a spectatorial activity. Be prepared to lose all sense of time as her words grab hold of the reader and plant them in a far away space you can’t and don’t want to leave. Once McFadden is done with you with all certainty, you will know Sugar. You will feel and taste her pain and smell her emotions. Sugar is an experience. I recommend this novel to any adult looking for a great story to read.

Pick up your copy today by visiting Mahogany Books, your local indie bookstore or wherever dope literature is sold.

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