Black Men Read Is Going Non Profit!

I can’t believe I am actually saying this but we are going to be a non-profit!  From our humble beginnings in April of 2017 as just a way for some brothers to vent and learn through literature to somehow rekindling our romance with reading ultimately forming a literacy advocacy organization.  Wow!  I still can’t believe it.

It seemed like just yesterday we did our first book discussion on Facebook.  We learned so much from the book “The Hidden Cost of Being African-American” by Thomas M. Shapiro that we just couldn’t wait to share it.  It felt good to discuss something important and useful despite the fact the subject was so infuriating.  It was constructive.  It was a path to progression.  That was the part that was exciting.  We weren’t out of the trash bin we call America but we had our feet on the ground and we were ready to start stumbling our way to better.

Fast forward to today and we are walking, gathering allies and motivating readers along the way.  It’s still so exciting.  The process!  Yes, it hurts to read about our brainwashing and how long we have been in the dark but man that sunlight on our newly open lids feels refreshing.

We are dialed in and focused.  We must help our communities. We must help our young boys and mature men develop a lifelong habit of reading so they too can open their eyes and feel the warmth of the truth.  So today we are making the important step to becoming a non-profit!

As a non-profit, we can do a few things differently and on a larger scale.

  • Accept tax-deductible donations from individuals
  • Request grants from other non profits or enterprises
  • Represent our movement professionally as a formal charitable organization
  • Legitimize our efforts as we will be held to legal, ethical and IRS standards

I am so excited! (I may have mentioned this a few times)  I know its going to be more work but I am ready.

I appreciate your support and efforts over the last year and ask for your continued support and prayers as we move forward.


Demetrius Frazier, Founder of Black Men Read


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